Saturday, 9 April 2011

...and then I wrote a book...

Hi Guys

one fine day it hits me that the pages and the words have come together. It is compiled and edited. It has been given a fancy cover. It is called Bombay Duck is a Fish and it's my debut novel. A story I wanted to tell the world. A story I nurtured, for the world to relish. And now when its ready in all its finery and glory...and is wearing a title of a looks at me with an impish grin to ask me I ready? Am I ready to see it on the book stands? Am I ready for it to be consumed..and my answer is - definitely not. There are lines in my book that could have been more perfect, there are moments that could have been sweeter..but then I look back and wonder- when I first came to Mumbai- wanting to be a film maker- leaving a job behind...was I ready to quit everything I worked for over the years over a whimsical dream? My answer was - definitely not. When I started working on my first film, was I ready to face the reality of my dream- definitely not! When I started writing my first film with one of the biggest production houses in Bollywood- was I ready? Definitely not... And the question still is- am I ready to present my debut novel Bombay Duck is A fish to the world?? And the answer is still the same- definitely not...but now i know- in that uncertainity lies my willingness to take a leap of faith and hope that I land somewhere around the spot I aimed for.... or then...not land at all!
....Here is hoping for a safe landing ...

P.S- Some links to look at!/BombayDuckIsAFish


  1. Hey Kanika here's wishing you all the best and a safe landing.... have checked out your book cover.. love it... and I think it is going to be a rocking book ...cheers !!!

  2. yes yes yes ....hope is somewhere whithin the uncertainity...go for it with all your heart, and its love wil bring you back all the love. Wish you sight of people reading ur book on roads, trains and coffee shops, wish you more checks and publisher's phone calls ;)

  3. good luck Kanika....Let me know if by any chance you are coming to Pune for it's will be a success :-)

  4. Hey Kanika... what an amazing story! You certainly seem to have lived what most would consider as "the ultimate dream"... however, you must also know the dark side of the film industry which makes your book most fascinating to me. Your intriguing title proves that there will be more to your novel than meets the eye…
    When will it be released? Where can we buy it? Where will you promote it? I would definitely like to hear more about it from the author directly! Are you planning to carry out any reading sessions, etc?
    All the best for your debut novel Bombay Duck is a Fish (great name btw!) and I hope it will be huge hit :)

  5. Super super happy for you. i know that it will be very very insightful and coming from the very same industry I am even more interested to read it. I absolutely love the title and I will be the first to pick it up from the stands.
    All the best darling.


  6. hey kanika
    Anticipation phase is the hardest part but m sure ull come out with flying colours...


  7. I still remember that afternoon in Delhi, we were on our way to K-Nags in a rick n u handed me a paper with probably your first short story in it... I read the story, still unaware that u had penned it down, n only when u had my opinion about it did u tell me it was urs... It was a beautiful little story I remember... N now I can't wait to read ur 1st novel.... All the best sweets.... Success will be urs :)

  8. Hey Kanika,

    I just went through your blog and remembered the following lines:

    "Success is never final; failure is never fatal,
    It's courage that counts and hope that remains."

    Being and eternal optimist, I would like to wish you all the very best for your debut book "Bombay Duck is a Fish". The title itself is so interesting that I have been waiting for it from the moment I read about it in one of the magazines. I am sure I'll get a copy of it soon.

    Let's be hopeful always.


    Aditya Pranav