Tuesday, 12 April 2011

My Brush with a Star...

Well....working in Bollywood- you 'brush' with the stars everyday.  And by 'stars' it means not only the silver screen stars, but the self proclaimed ones - who have crossed the sacred line which distinguishes you from the ones who have 'arrived' and the ones who are 'trying to arrive'.
Some times these 'brushes' lead to a remarkable, joyous moment...sometimes a pitiable disappointment. Unfortunately... more often than not ...it is the latter. You see a lot in that one 'brush'. It tells you all that you need to know about the star. To begin with if he even acknowledges an 'earthling' in a room full of distinguished people is a good start. And if he/ she happens to acknowledge you again in the second meeting is a shocking surprise. But the point is, its better to chose your own stars in your own life. My first star is  my cook- who lifts my mood with my favorite 'chicken biryani' when I am back home with a weight of having fought another day in the boxing ring called Bollywood. But the irony of this boxing ring is- you don't even know who you are fighting against, because mostly the fight is against your own self.  I sit and have the dish she has lovingly prepared, reminding me of my mother's comfort food, I thank her immensely feeling safe in the cocoon of warmth and familiarity of the beautiful dish. And then she squeals in delight looking at a familiar face in Bombay TIMES...'hey you have worked with heroine in one of your films na..I told my children! they are so excited and they wanted me to ask you..is she as sweet and nice and beautiful as she looks on screen?' my first reaction is vehement denial and then I pause to look at the shimmering hope waiting to rejoice in the beauty of this starlet....I give in...and sigh 'Yeah she is'...
She laughs ...her crooked  teeth beautiful in their asymmetrical joy...' I will tell my kids..they will be so happy..' She comes excitedly with a bowl of curd towards my plate and adds- 'do you want some more curd to go with it?' I shake my head. I sit back and prepare for the next day..well my personal experience may or may not be great, but the perception of a 'star' needs to be protected, if only to see those crooked set of teeth, grin gleefully in the knowledge that there is a beautiful perfect world they can hide behind from their imperfect lives. And I for one...could not take that away from my very own 'star' ..my cook.

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